Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation

CRS provides specialist loft and cavity wall insulation fitting services for domestic, commercial and social housing properties throughout the UK.

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Cost effective and non-intrusive wall tie repairs

When it comes to structural repairs such as cavity wall ties, we can make the process of repair cost effective and non-intrusive.

Q: "What are the symptoms of cavity wall tie failure?"

It can be difficult to spot signs of corrosion manifesting on wall ties. Unfortunately, cavity wall tie failure is only visible once the effects of cavity wall tie corrosion causes damage to the internal and external walls.

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Often the problem is that during building there have been insufficient wall ties installed, as well as corrosion occurring in older buildings through natural ageing or excessive water penetration.

If this damage has been caused, the ‘tell-tale signs’ of cavity wall tie failure include:

Horizontal cracking – at regular intervals in external mortar joints
Outward bulging of the wall – joints widen causing the wall to deflect outwards
The lifting of roof edges – at gables the growth of brickwork can cause a noticeable ‘pagoda’ effect
Vertical cracks found at internal wall junctions & horizontal cracks appear at internal wall & ceiling joints
Cracks to render coats
Although wall tie failure cannot always be visible until excessive damage has already occurred. Our in-depth inspection can identify this and prevent damage before it happens.



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